Pretty is great, but it's not enough.

A photo should communicate a feeling. It should be more than just pretty. We ,all photographers, should be looking for connection, emotions and depth. When it comes to wedding photography it also requires a natural experience; a synchronicity with your subjects. That starts by understanding their values and genuinely helping them remember their experience. You have to care more about their memories that your portfolio.

Karly is a woman of few words. She could be described as reserved. Her quiet, sweet sensibility was a joy for me to document the subtle moments of her wedding day. Like this split second after her Mom helped her finish getting ready. To steal a phrase from my friend at Todd Scott I would rather do  "photography at weddings" than #weddingphotography. Less about control and and directing and more about observing and reporting.


Austin and Lanie | San Ysidro Ranch

If you invite me to document your wedding in Santa Barbara, I'm going to find a way to put as many mountains as possible in the photos. That makes two Moore weddings in the books for me now. I'm so grateful to shoot for families like these and help them remember life at its best! Much more to come from this beautiful wedding!


Embrace the unexpected | One Frame

Weddings are interesting. I've been to 300 or so, and things never happen exactly the way we plan them. Just ask Chelsea. We had a bit of rain on her day.

That many wedding days has taught me remarkable moments are kinda like summer peaches. You can't tell them when to be ripe. They just happen when they happen. That's why I'm moving away from hourly wedding coverage. My contract now includes full day coverage with me and an assistant. No compromises. I want to be there for it all. I'm thankful for families like Chelsea's who get it. Here's to embracing the unexpected with a smile and remembering the experience well!