Had a novel idea today. I think I'll start blogging my photos again! As we're winding up another great season of weddings, I'm a little sad about all the beautiful moments and settings I've been able to photograph this year and I haven't really had time to share any of it. 

We've had one of the craziest, most challenging and exciting chapters of life during what we've called our "life edit". The short story is that we sold everything, moved into a vintage trailer and are toiling to build a small house mortgage free. It's a trip, but we're soaking up every struggle and victory along the way. You can read more of that struggle and victory on our family blog themccullocks.com

Sometimes if goes without being said publicly, but we're so appreciative of all our couples. Old and new couples; that have been tracking with us through this process. Here's one of those couples. These guys just have such a real chemistry!