Most of us who are married with kids have told the story of how we met many times, even to our own children. But after just 12 or so years, Katie and I have developed slightly different versions of how we met. I'm sure her's is the correct version, I have a terrible memory! The point is this, it's important to preserve the first chapter of your family story! We all know this, but how many of us are actually intentional about it? I'm always trying to encourage my couples to think about their engagement shoot as a way to remember the beginning stages of their relationship.

An engagement shoot can be so much more than just a chance to get dressed up and create some beautiful portraits in an stunning location. It can be both, really. I'm so glad Cole and Alli were able to see that. They took me to the EXACT spot they first met inside their high school. (seen below in black and white) We were able to shoot on the field where Alli cheered on Cole's baseball team and now they'll have those photos to go along with their stories someday.