Matt and Emily. Salt of the earth people with amazing families. One of those initial meetings, when you look up and realize you've been talking for 2 hours. I don't even know where to start with all the amazing storylines that were happening at this wedding. Friends from around the country, sisterhood, adorable young ladies in ballerina slippers idolizing the bride in her dress, best men brothers away at military training, Father thanking son for his unwavering character that helped him find God. Real life in all it's profound beauty! The team and I stood in the parking lot for half an hour after they left and talked about which part made us cry the deepest.  

So this wedding, and a few others over the past year have helped me develop so much. I've noticed that when all of us in the business of pulling off wedding days do our jobs well...we make space and time for these amazing interactions.  Life changing stuff. That's why it's so important that after we help it happen...that we LET it happen.

Ok, admittedly I've started to get a little preachy about this over the past year. Started mentioning to my couples that I want to help you plan a relaxed, intentional day and then get out of the way and "let real happen".  In fact, in an attempt to be social media relevant I've started to use #letrealhappen and made mention of it my print advertising. Never thought I'd be the kind of guy that tries to invent a hashtag. It appears to be, if not the only way, a hopeful way to legitimize an approach to wedding photography that has been overlooked for a decades in favor of editorial style details and perfect (not so candid) candid portraits.

Make no mistake. We all love those things, especially my dear friends who work their backs, feet and fingers sore to make those details happen. Of course I still photograph flowers, dresses and shoes, and rather enjoy it! They're what makes a wedding day beautiful. I'm only asking...shouldn't there be more? Shouldn't those details, those utterly beautiful flowers, the colors, and the fashion add to a collections of wedding photos when they're surrounded by the real stuff?

Thats the whole thing for me, really. The beautiful is assumed. If you're a professional photographer, beauty is the price of admission. It's step 1. Let's move the conversation forward, let's get into the real stuff! 

If you're a bride who wants and beautiful and memorable wedding day. Hire good folks and let them work for you. When you hire professional vendors who care, the beauty will be there. Step back and take it in. Be present. Dwell on the relationships around you. Let yourself be in place of joy and appreciation. Let real happen.

See how I worked it in there again...

OKC rooftop wedding josh mccullock-1.jpg

Folks with sore backs and feet that helped all this real happen!


Design and coordination - Leslie Herring Events

Floral - Poppy Lane

Venue - Magnolia Room

GF donuts! - Holey Rollers

Videography - Dewberry Cinema

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