This is what we mean when we talk about looking for connection. These are the photos that make me tick. I had a couple minutes to chat with Jessika’s Dad just before the ceremony. The church was bustling, everyone rushing around doing last minute tasks and he was just gazing out the window watching guests arrive. My inner curiosity took over and I had to ask…what’s going through you mind right now? He asked if I had children. “Let me tell you. It goes by so fast. Better make sure you’re enjoyin’ it!”

Sage advice from a guys who’s been through parenthood, minutes before he walks his beautiful, well mannered, empathetic, successful daughter down the aisle. I hope some day I’ve got a couple of well mannered, empathetic, successful boys that are at the end of that aisle. Congrats Mr. Williams. You’ve arrived!

Disclaimer, if you hire me as your photographer, I may seek parenting advice from your parents. I hope thats ok.