Which is why I'm training myself to look beyond canned photos of shoes and flowers. Don't get me wrong, I still think they belong and I still shoot them. I want to tell the whole story of the day. Especially when they're this beautiful. This bouquet is absolutely a work of art, and I want you to remember how beautiful it was. But that's only half the story. Not even half... I'm really at your wedding to create photos that you'll love in 20 years. The photos that will make you miss someone, or laugh at your Dad because his jokes bombed during his speech. The ones you haven't seen, and can't predict. Marriage is more than fresh flowers, perfect hair and designer shoes, so the memories of your wedding should be as well.

This is what marriage is about. You may be consumed with flowers, shoes and dresses now. But in 20 years, you should be able to remember moments like this as well.