Whats the expression that says "without action, dreams are only good ideas? " I think it goes something like that. When I shared an office with Lindsay Gibson there was a lot of dreaming going on. We'd talk about our industry and how much room there is for change. The thing is; Lindsay is a do-er. She makes things happen, and they happen flawlessly. So, when she told me about this idea to have a styled shoot, that became a real life styled event I jumped onboard to help. Lindsay can explain it much better than I can. Here are her thoughts, shared from Southern Weddings

"As a planner I’m frequently asked for recommendations for photographers, and to describe each photographer’s style. I thought it might be interesting to style a large scale photo shoot and have several photographers capture it in the way they saw fit. My hope was for the result was to have a side by side contrast of the same event through four lenses. 

We gathered four couples (all former clients from the past year) and got to it. We assigned a couple to each photographer. To make sure we weren’t playing favorites we styled the shoot as an engagement or dinner party so no one got the “bride and groom”.

It took a pretty awesome looking spreadsheet but we managed for each photographer to have time with their couple alone, with everyone together, to shoot each vignette individually and to shoot each vignette with their couple.

For this shoot we had a specific aesthetic in mind and really lucked into our venue. Luckily the good people at Calvert’s Plant Interiors were willing to trust the vision and allowed us to come in on a Sunday, when they were closed, and basically take over the site.

The second purpose of the shoot was to have an awesome collection of photos to promote The Ball and Chain; A thoughtfully curated bridal show that doesn’t feel like torture. This will be a small, boutique bridal event featuring the vendors below and a few more of our dearest friends in the business that share our aesthetic. Coming to Oklahoma City on January 24, 2013."

What you can see below is my perspective on the incredible scene that Lindsay and her staff put together. I was able to shoot with Brad and Sherree again, which was a blast. I loved the work, the experience and the food was amazing. But more than that; these folks are just great to be around. I'm so fortunate to be able to work with these friends!

I'd be remiss if I didn't let you know that you can still snag a ticket to the real life Ball and Chain party on the 24th here in OKC! It's sure to be beautiful and memorable. If you're planning your wedding, there will be a handful of great people there and I heard theres a $2000 cash prize for the winner of the dance off. What!?

Here is the site with all the info you need The Ball and Chain

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Here's the team that made all this happen. Smile Lindsay, good job!