This was a great wedding at the Dominion House in Guthrie. I love the Dominion House as a wedding venue, it’s definitely one of a kind! Matt & Shylia are my kind of people, super relaxed and always ready to joke about something. Their day started out a little dreary but ended up being beautiful. Everyone was happy and great memories were made, awesome day in my book! Congrats again you Matt & Shylia, we wish you guys the best!
To Life!!

shylia1 20090502-D3I_4700 shylia2 20090502-D3I_5699 20090502-D3I_5717 20090502-D3I_5632 20090502-D3I_6246 20090502-D3I_5815 20090502-D3I_6403 20090502-D3I_6456 mattshylia 20090502-D3I_6541 20090502-D3I_6700 20090502-D3I_673520090502-D3I_6614 20090502-D3I_6903 One of the groomsman came up with a great game with Ken & Barbie, very funny stuff! 20090502-D3I_7238 20090502-D3I_7420 20090502-D3I_7075 20090502-D3I_7386 20090502-D3I_7614 I don’t like to “toot my own horn” so to speak but I just got a thank you note from Matt & Shylia and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside so I thought I’d share it… 
Shylia writes… ”Josh, I just wanted to thank you for the AMAZING job you did on our wedding pictures. Not only are the pictures wonderful but we really appreciate your professionalism and the way you handled the entire day. It was our goal to have fun and share a special day with our friends and family. We were lucky enough to have that happen and you captured it just perfectly! You played a big part in helping the day go as wonderfully and smoothly as it did. We both feel so blessed to have had the day so so perfectly and we are very grateful that you captured all those moments. I’ve already given your name to newly engaged couple! Thanks you again from the bottom of our hearts! “Yep, I love my job, especially when I get notes like that!