Welp, I finally got back all my film scans from our trip to NYC and thought I’d share a few. As you can tell these aren’t my typical look and feel. But thats for good reason, this trip was a vacation! The more I thought about this trip, I came to the realization that the last thing I wanted to do was carry around an expensive 15 pound camera. So I opted to go old school and document our trip with 3 different cameras. I used a couple medium format film cameras ,a Lubitel 166 and a Holga 120N, and of course the trusty iPhone3Gs. They are all pretty amazing, it was awesome to see this trip in such a different way. I love the way film has such a personality and these cameras bring out amazing grain, splashes of color and unique light leaks that make the frames really unique. There are a bajillion more to share someday, I think I shot almost 5 boxes of film! I have a personal gallery in the works where you’ll see more of these show up soon! Hope you enjoy them!
To Life!