Ok, so I enough of the previews. It’s time to post a full wedding. James and Genevieve are an amazing couple. Genevieve first called me a few months before their wedding while she was working in San Diego and planning her wedding here in OKC. We were never able to have a consultation in the studio but we chatted on the phone a few times and once I heard their story I knew it would be an awesome wedding to be a part of. Boy was it! James and Genevieve both have such warm and accepting families, the whole day was just a blast! Not to mention, Genevieve’s Dad performed and amazing folk medley for them during the reception. The number ended with an original song he’d written for her called “Genevieve”. It was amazing, the whole place was singing along, it was such a powerful moment! It felt kinda like a movie actually. Make sure you check it out below along with some of my favorite dancing shots. The always amazing Groove Merchants had the whole place going till the wee hours.  
Congrats again James & Genevieve. I’m so glad I was able to be there!! D3I_3035 _MG_9558 D3I_3477 D3I_3710 D3I_3766 JG1 jg2 D3I_4509 D3I_4680 JG3 D3I_4793 JG4D3I_5259 D3I_5236 _MG_9409 D3I_5654 D3I_5677 D3I_5713