Here’s another way back blog post, back in May to be exact. Weird how that seems so long ago when you’re at a wedding every weekend. Part of what I love about photographing wedding days is the way you feel like you’ve learned so much about a family after only spending a few hours with them. Theres so many emotions and small dynamics of people that come out on a wedding day, I love to see that. This wedding was a perfect example. Tommy and Lindsey are such a sweet couple, their family and friends were so warm and inviting. I even got a couple hugs, can’t argue with that! I was honored to be a part of it!
tl1 tl2 D3I_9657 D3I_9760 tl3 tl4 D3I_1087 D3I_1099 D3I_1135D3I_1614 D3I_1634 tl5 Cool moment with Lindsey and her Dad, Tony…. D3I_1968 _MG_2758 tl6