So, this summer I had the opportunity to shoot Kyle & Nikki’s wedding, which was quite amazing! After getting to know these two during their engagement session, I anticipated how awesome their wedding would be and decided to hire Andrew Smith of Smith Pixels to come along and document the wedding day as well. I’ve always found it tough to describe how I shoot to potential clients, so I thought it would be much easier to just show them! I originally wanted to wait to unveil this video with an all new portfolio from this season, but with this home renovation, a full calendar of fall weddings and the many other directions we are going I couldn’t wait any longer. Plus I’m sure some of you are wondering if I’ve still alive with this blogging hiatus I’ve been on. 
This is why I love my job so much. Every weekend I get to be around people who are on cloud 9. We always have a good time, keep it relaxed and make some memories! Andrew is quite the Jedi with his camera, check it out!