Seems like I’ve been on a blog vacation huh? I know, it’s a bummer. But we had an incredible fall this year and we had to cut out the bloggin to keep up with the post production. I’ve got some really awesome stuff in store to show you guys. I was able to shoot some really amazing weddings this year, and meet some incredible people. I can’t wait to tell you all their stories!

In the meantime, I’ll ease back into this with a personal post from my two week vacation that ends TODAY! I took two weeks off two do two things. # 1- finish the renovation on the new house we just bought. That went awesome, its all done now and we’re really enjoying the house. I’ll post some of those HGTV style before and after shots soon.# 2- We joined my family on an RV trip to Indianapolis. My mom’s side is from up north and we haven’t been up there for the holidays since Gavin has come along. Not to mention, we were able to get a photo of all 5 generations from great grandpa down to Gavin.  It was a great trip. We made fun of our RV lifestyle most of the time, Great Grandpa entertained us on the piano and we ate, alot.

Some random shots from the trip, hope you and yours had a great holiday!