As a photographer, I’ve always been fascinated how much more power a photo has when it lives in an tangible place, rather than on a screen. Thats part of the reason why I love creating custom books for our couples. It’s also the reason I’m in love with film. The entire process is so honest. I started shooting film at my weddings last season and it completely changed my approach. It’s made me a far better photographer than any new toy or workshop I could have attended. Thanks film, I love you.
I have a few arrows in my film quiver for my wedding work and personal projects. In order of appearance…
the Mamiya 645 AF-D. It’s big, heavy and nigh indestructible. This one is is really fast so it’s always on me at weddings. 
the Holga. It was my first film camera. Only a couple moving parts on this one, less is more!
the Lubitel 166. This is a Lomo remake and it makes amazing negatives. I shot my favorite New York work with this camera. It’s complicated to use, but always worth it!
the Polaroid SX-70. By far my favorite film camera in every way. It’s an incredible piece of design and artistry. It folds up into a sleek rectangle that fits into your pocket. This camera rivals any Apple product when it comes to craftsmanship and hottness. Maybe thats why I love it so much. Film is pricey though, until 2010 that is. There are plans to re start production of the film that belongs to this camera. I’ll celebrate that day!
To Life!