Ross and Lindy's Boston Engagements

Katie and I had the chance to take a quick trip to Boston in November to photograph Ross and Lindy.  They were excellent hosts and showed us a really great time.  We had some incredible meals while we were there including my first ever hot lobster roll at a place called Neptune. Just amazing! How Ross managed a table at this place is a mystery.

We bounced around the Boston area shooting these two for the better part of the day. We also got to meet up with Boston area photographer Chad Hansen for a great breakfast. I appreciate the help with location scouting Chad! 

Thanks again, Ross and Lindy for having us up. It was a blast!

Colin and Mary's Tulsa Ranch wedding

Winston Churchill once said that his most brilliant achievement was to persuade his wife to marry him. I'm sure most husbands can identify with that. In Colin's case, he started the persuasion process early. You've got to read the letter he wrote Mary back in grade school. Classic. These two are such genuine folks. It was an honor to document a relationship with so much history already. What a great day! 

to life!